UHV867 HiVis Long Sleeve Tee - Protected with PERIMETER™ Insect Guard

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The Utility Pro™ UHV867 HiVis Long Sleeve Tee is protected with PERIMETER™ Insect Guard and non-staining odor-free Permethrin formula. This long sleeve is made with birdseye knit polyester which makes for a lightweight and breathable fit. ANSI Certified Class 3.

Our non-staining odor-free Permethrin formula guarantees Utility Pro™ wears unparalleled protection for more than 50 Industrial washes, keeping the wearer safe while neutralizing insects.

Whether your day job is landscaping or escaping the every day, Utility Pro™ clothing protected by PERIMETER™ Insect Guard lets you keep going while stopping insects in their tracks.

  • Lightweight and breathable

  • Protected with PERIMETER™ Insect Guard

  • 4oz. birdseye knit polyester

  • Embedded with PERIMETER™ Insect Guard, providing protection through 50 industrial washes

  • SPF35 Dry / SPF50 Wet

  • ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 Class 3

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