Our Mission: Your Safety

Servicing professions that demand the usage of protective gear

The leading manufacturer of ANSI Class 2 and 3 safety apparel

With a broad variety of high visibility safety wear for every industry, Utility Pro™ Wear is the partner you can count on to help keep your business running safely.


Construction Safety Apparel

Apparel designed for maximum comfort and durability. Complete any project safely and efficiently with our construction safety apparel.


Public Sector & Military Safety Apparel

High-quality, military-grade materials ensure longevity and maximum comfort. Trusted by the public sector and our armed forces.

Public Sector

Landscaping Safety Apparel

Our full line of landscaping safety apparel includes hats, tees, and clothing protected by PERIMETER Insect Guard.


Manufacturing Safety Apparel

Our manufacturing safety apparel includes ANSI Class 2 and ANSI Class 3 jackets, vests, welding gloves and more!

Public Sector

Road & Transportation Safety Apparel

We are honored to work with truck drivers, delivery personnel, and other transportation professionals who keep this country moving.


Farming & Agriculture Safety Apparel

Agricultural workers rely on our commercial-grade styles to help them do their jobs more safely and effectively.

Public Sector

Towing Safety Apparel

Utility Pro™ Wear provides tow truck drivers with specialized apparel that keeps them safe in unsafe, roadside conditions.


Welding Safety Apparel

Our MIG and TIG welding gloves are reinforced in high-wear areas and meet all welding standards for maximum comfort and durability.

Public Sector

Logging & Forestry Safety Apparel

Outdoor workers in the logging and forestry service industries know they are safe with our full line of ANSI Class certified styles.


Waste Management Safety Apparel

Waste management specialists conducting vital services rely on Utility Pro™ Wear to keep their cities & towns clean and safe.

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