For over 40 years Utility Pro™ safety clothing has provided workers with peace of mind in the face of dangerous elements and that's why they use insect protection they can trust. Whether you are fortifying our power lines or you're casting a fishing line, Utility Pro™ clothing protected by Perimeter Insect Guard has your back in the fight against dangerous insects.

Since 2006, we've provided our troops with EPA-certified insect protection on over 25 million military uniforms. It has reduced insect-borne illnesses for those that keep our country safe and is now available for those who keep our country moving.

Our non-staining odor-free Permethrin formula guarantees Utility Pro™ wears unparalleled protection for more than 50 Industrial Washings, keeping the wearer safe while neutralizing insects. Whether your day job is landscaping or escaping the every day, Utility Pro™ clothing protected by perimeter insect guard lets you keep going while stopping insects in their tracks.


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