Our Mission

As an apparel company that has been in business for over 30 years, we have seen many clothing trends come and go and a lot of disposable clothing that couldn’t last when the going got tough.
We knew that to continue to be successful in the clothing business, we would have to differentiate ourselves from that sea of disposable, so we decided to do things differently. We decided to buck the trend and become the company to make clothing that lasts. That meant incorporating style and function with high-quality construction and doing so at prices regular people can afford.  Because of this decision, our products and our company have developed a reputation for being original and fresh without sacrificing the traditions of style, quality, and value.
You can now find our products featured in major retail stores across the country, along with a range of products to suit different environments and elements, including Construction, Tow Truck, Forestry, Agriculture, and Railroad services. We are now also one of the few safety wear companies to design high visibility garments specifically designed for women, paying special attention to fit without sacrificing any of the quality or safety features people have come to expect from our products.


Utility Pro Wear Mission Statement

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