Mechanical Systems are Fundamental Requirements for Life as We Know It.

At Holmberg, we are united and driven to provide the highest quality to our clients and are able to deliver what they want and need with our vast portfolio of successful projects.

Jill Hughart - Special Projects Project Manager

Jill Hughart - Special Projects Project Manager

"Being safe and comfortable is essential for anyone on the jobsite or doing work at home. Utility Pro creates clothing that is durable, functional, and fits a woman’s body."

Jill is a Project Manager who has been in the construction industry for 20 years. She has worked on projects big and small, in fancy offices to jobsite trailers. What drew her to construction was the ‘non-standard’ working environment it provides, being around craftspeople with high work ethics and standards, and the feeling of accomplishment by creating safe and inspiring buildings and environments. She promotes the industry and especially encourages women to enter the field in whatever capacity suits their skills. Empowering women to pick up tools and improve their spaces and their lives is one of her biggest motivations!

Annabelle Cotten - LEED AP | Project Manager

Annabelle Cotten - LEED AP | Project Manager

I’m so excited to be part of the Safety Alliance Program and I’m a huge advocate for women in construction! I take every opportunity to tell my construction story and journey throughout my 20+ years in the construction industry. I currently am a Project Manager for Holmberg going on for 4+ years. I’m a mechanical nerd, to say the least, and take every opportunity to be onsite and in the field with my crews. I’m a hands-on PM from start to finish. I’m currently completing a project at JBLM for the USACE (United States Army Corps of Engineers), in the middle of a seismic upgrade for the Navy in Bremerton, and starting a bridge on the Seattle downtown waterfront.

Over 74 Years in Operation

We are a high-tech, full-service mechanical contracting and engineering proudly building the Puget Sound since 1949.

Alexis Houle - Virtual Construction Manager

Alexis Houle - Virtual Construction Manager

Alexis is Holmberg Mechanical’s Virtual Construction Manager, she has been with the company for 5+ years and while her job mostly resides in the office, she takes every opportunity she can to get out on the jobsites to see her team’s work come to life. When on the jobsite, safety is critical and having the right gear to keep you safe and comfortable makes all the difference. In addition to her jobsite visits, Alexis recently bought her first home and has taken on many home projects. When working outside in the PNW unpredictable weather, her Utility Pro range of jackets have been her go to choice for breathability and protection against the elements.

Angela White - Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Angela White - Marketing and Public Relations Manager

I am Holmberg Mechanical’s Marketing and Public Relations Manager. I’ve been with the company since 2012 and one of the highlights of my position is visiting ongoing projects. The sense of accomplishment is swelling when you set foot on a job site. There is an energy in the air of many people working together to create quality work while meeting deadlines and budgets. My sense of safety is heightened because I don’t want to cause an accident while I’m capturing the work on my camera. That’s where Utility Pro Workwear comes in handy. The high-visibility pieces not only look cool, but they fit my body. I don’t feel like I’m swimming in them like other brands. The sleeves hit my wrist at the right length so the material doesn’t interfere with my work. I have a few different options so I’m comfortable year-round in Washington state weather.

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Connecting Pike Place Market and the Seattle Aquarium with a new civic icon on Seattle’s waterfront.

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